Use Addition in a Sentence, How to use “Addition” in a sentence


Use Addition in a sentence. How to use the word Addition in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Addition. Sentence for Addition.

Addition in a Sentence
Definition of Addition

  1. The act or process of adding;
  2. Something that is added; an annex

Addition, something added, and edition, something published, are sometimes confused. Addition is from the Latin word addere, meaning to give to, while edition is from Latin edere, meaning to give out.


Examples of Addition in a sentence

  1. the addition of several numbers.
  2. In addition to receiving your message at, we send the actual message to your currently registered e-mail address after we have replaced the Member’s regular e-mail address with their e-mail address.
  3. In addition, the clerks of the chancellery or secretaries of the council who kept records and served the parliament were also clerics.
  4. In addition, he made some very useful contributions in the loose game, and now he must be a serious candidate for Lions.
  5. This time the results are wonderful and the most appropriate regression models are obtained, in addition the multicollinearity no longer exists.
  6. In addition, unions are free to waive daily overtime requirements and negotiate alternative hours, such as those that provide four 10-hour days.
  7. In addition, the reaction condition of the selective removal of the acetyl group in the presence of the caffeoyl group was optimized.
  8. The addition of an acetyl group to a molecule.
  9. In addition, mounted engines and musical accompaniment can also promote the ability to present.
  10. This code implements two operations of addition, subtraction and multiplication of scattered matrices.
  11. In addition to his splendid entertainment, he wore expensive raincoat suits and handmade shoes.
  12. Children learn addition and subtraction.
  13. In the first semester, 24 students developed math problems related to addition and subtraction in the Bulletin Board System (BBS).
  14. Understand and understand the rules for solving addition and subtraction problems of decimals.
  15. We try to take advantage of the TOAD-based optical switch to design a fully integrated optical circuit that can perform binary addition and subtraction.
  16. Binary addition and subtraction, implementation and performance of the full adder, Addition of high speed, signed arithmetic.
  17. A technique to measure the displacement of the phase produced by displacement under impact load using digital speckle pattern interferometry (DSPI) with the combination of digital subtraction and addition mode is presented.
  18. Math test program for the addition, subtraction, multiplication and revision of incorrect answers.
  19. Typical operations are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and square root.
  20. It also has constructors for each of these types and operators for addition, subtraction, multiplication, inversion of signs and taxes.
  21. In addition, it was alleged that the wage determination mechanism carried out on this basis gave a strong boost to inflation.

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