Use Added in a Sentence, How to use “Added” in a sentence


Use Added in a sentence. How to use the word Added in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Added.

Use Added in a Sentence - How to use "Added" in a sentence


Examples of Added in a sentence

  1. He added greatly to the knowledge of the past.
  2. On this basis, the string and sheet instrument accompaniment was added.
  3. An addition by which a number is added to another original number within an accumulator and the number produced is left in the accumulator.
  4. The frequency sweep signal sequence is generated from waveform memories added by counter and phase accumulator.
  5. A bypass capillary was added to the discharge line behind the four-way valve and a tube was added to an accumulator in a heat pump system to solve the problem.
  6. Democratic challenger Paul Tsongas added aptitude to his campaign and headed to the pool to improve his image.
  7. But, since he entered the age of 90, this type is added to the situation of starting to decrease, the level of livestock per inhabitant is the gradational delay.
  8. The rooms can return to the colonnade, and sometimes a second story is added.
  9. This time, the Rampart configuration policy is the only part added to services.xml, and is done at the operation level.
  10. Pants have double thickness knee panels for added protection.
  11. During the night, the females are placed in the aquarium, after which some brine shrimp and sifted Daphnia are added.
  12. Magazines that touch up images run the risk of breaking their own code of conduct, which states that they should not publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, he added.
  13. Accompaniment is like this impregnated background tone that creates the environment and influences everything that is added to it.
  14. As their performances grew in popularity, the musical accompaniment was added, first with a drum and then with the flute and three-string banjo shamisen.
  15. These yeasts are added to a nutrient rich mixture, and kept in an anaerobic environment.

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