Actress in a Sentence

Use Actress in a sentence. How to use the word Actress in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Actress.

Definition of Actress

Examples of Actress in a sentence

*** He married an actress.

*** She resembles that actress.

*** She is down as an actress.

*** The actress acts as part of the heroine.

*** Adah Isaacs Menken; (1835-1868), American actress and poet, whose fame rests more on her unconventional behavior and her acquaintance with literary figures than on her own accomplishments.

*** Miss Garland had three children, including singer and actress Liza Minnelli.

*** She became an actress.

*** She was an actress.

*** She is an actress.

*** The audience applauded the actress.

*** The actress was dressed beautifully.

*** The actress murdered her lines.

*** My girlfriend is an actress.

*** The actress fell backwards from the stage.

*** Donald is married to a famous actress.

*** This actress has divorced her husband.

*** As the actress Jane is not in the same class as Susan.

*** The actress wore a black wig over her blonde hair.

*** The actress was only 16 years old when she was taken out of the darkness and made a star.

*** Once a famous actress, she is now in eclipse.

*** Who was the prize for the best actress?

*** The actress responded to accusations that she had threatened a staff member.

*** The actress is ambitious for applause.

*** The actress appeared under a false name.

*** She only plays to be an actress, she will go to law school next year.

*** A new actress will occupy a central place in the production of “The Doll’s House” next month.

*** She is a professional actress.

*** The actress refused to appear nude in the bedroom scenes.

*** The actress was so distracted that she overwhelmed her lines.

*** The actress is asking the court to protect her from an obsessive fanatic who is making her life miserable.

*** The minister dodged questions about his relationship with the actress.

*** The actress must be requested frequently.

*** The actress was dressed by a Spanish costume designer.

*** I told her that crossing from actress to singer is easier than singer to actress.

*** She is a success as an actress.

*** The newspaper is fighting an action of damages presented by the actress.

*** The actress disillusioned her fans with her careless play.


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