Use Activity in a Sentence, How to use “Activity” in a sentence


Use Activity in a sentence. How to use the word Activity in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Activity.

Use Activity in a Sentence - How to use "Activity" in a sentence

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Examples of Activity in a sentence

  1. The images you can print offer a great holiday activity.
  2. Activity and enterprise of mind should characterize all his measures if he wishes to make bold, original, and efficient men.
  3. In September 1961, Pakistan asked the Afghan government to close its consulate and trade agencies in Pakistan, claiming that they were sources of hostile activity.
  4. He has periods of depression, alternating with frenetic activity.
  5. Nutrition education has three main factors: educator, educated and training activity, which covers many aspects, such as families, schools and society.
  6. The research explores the determinants of attack activity using regression analysis of annual time series data obtained from official statistics.
  7. Out of season Formentera is a refuge for writers and artists; the environment is conducive to all creative activity.
  8. It is also believed that an adequate coupling of electrical and metabolic activity is a prerequisite for the generation of pacemaker activity.
  9. The results of the enzymatic activity test showed that aldolase could transform Nacetyl-D-ManNAc into N-acetyl-D-neuraminic …
  10. Anyway, this is what Wittgenstein says: it is deceptive to speak of thinking as a mental activity.
  11. It has a greater antioxidant activity, remarkable acceleration of fermentation and is also a very effective ACE inhibitor.
  12. During the activity of the initial month in August 1990, in which 10 resolutions were passed, only 4 were voted unanimously.
  13. Similarities in structure between the ACTH molecule and MSH [melanophore stimulating hormone]molecule account for the MSH activity of ACTH.
  14. If possible, activity in extreme heat should be avoided or kept to a minimum.
  15. It is expected that they will generalize to the rest of the coverage area, being some locally strong and accompanied by intense gusts, hail, strong electrical activity and abundant localized water fall.


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