Use Activities in a Sentence

Use Activities in a sentence. How to use the word Activities in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Activities.

Definition of Activities

Examples of Activities in a sentence

*** The Cayuga played an important role in activities until, weakened by a series of disastrous battles with the Susquehannah and their allies in 1667 and 1673, they and the Oneida and Onondaga signed a declaration of neutrality with the French and British in 1688.

*** Events, activities, workshops, seminars and expos for current students on Aegean Univercity.

*** The zoo can bring something new to almost all activities under the sun.

***Activities and experiences presented by Parks Karşıyaka for camping, the lunar new year, bird watching and romantic getaways.

*** Its subordinate activities include Development and Proof Services and the Foreign Technical Intelligence Office.

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