Use Action in a Sentence, How to use “Action” in a sentence


Use Action in a sentence. How to use the word Action in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Action. Sentence for Action.

Action - Sentence for Action - Use Action in a Sentence Examples

Examples of Action in a sentence

  1. We have to push people to action.
  2. Delayed action. You can specify an alternative form.
  3. It is so in respect to the action of the young in all cases.
  4. Pitta is a pocket-sized camera recorder which can switch between action camera and drone within seconds.
  5. More work has been done on isolating, identifying, and explaining the mechanism of action of ACTH than on any other pituitary hormone.
  6. Swelling of both ankles and legs may result from congestion of the veins due to poor pumping action of the heart.
  7. Did you decide to take the case to court? Why did you wait until Monday, April 1, to take action?
  8. This action and his protest to President Grover Cleveland on the use of federal troops in the Pullman strike (1894) aroused considerable opposition among conservative elements, and Altgeld was not reelected in 1896.
  9. This wil be an action-packed session that you don’t want to miss!
  10. He went to Cuba during the Spanish-American War (1898) and drew pictures of Theodore Roosevelt’s “Rough Riders” in action.
  11. The Duchess took legal action against one of the newspapers, The Mail on Sunday, for publishing a letter she sent to her father, Thomas Markle.
  12. But what set out to become one of the saddest times for the company became an inspiration for a wealthy businessman to take action.
  13. The facts of environmental pollution require that quick action be taken, before our environment changes beyond recognition.
  14. I tried this plan very thoroughly, with high ideas of the dependence which might be placed upon conscience and a sense of duty, if these principles are properly brought out to action in an effort to sustain the system.

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