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Use act in a sentence. How to use the word act in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word act. How to use “act” with example sentences

Definition of act

Examples of act in a sentence

*** Rhizoids secrete enzymes that act on sugar and starch in the bread.

*** Memory becomes a recreation of perception, indistinguishable from the original act of knowing.

*** A performance, as in an act of burlesque, in which a person slowly removes clothes, usually to musical accompaniment.

*** Vocalists can act with instrumental accompaniment [], or they can perform a capella.

*** They act wickedly in collusion with each other, forcing us to make RMB Appreciation.

*** Since then, act as if you had never seen it before, avoid the mundane and produce it with compliments.

*** ACKNOWLEDGMENT, in law, is the formal act of declaring the execution of a legal instrument before an appropriate public official.

*** In 1707, after the draft treaty that he had presented to Queen Anne had been enacted as the Act of Union, the Queen appointed him chancellor.

*** ABJURATION , is the act of forswearing, or renouncing upon oath, or a denial upon oath.

*** ACCESSION, in international law, is the formal act by which a state becomes a party to a treaty already in force among the original signatories.

*** A yodel, or song to be yodeled in part, is often called a tyrolienne; a notable one occurs in Act III of Rossini’s Swiss opera William Tell, but yodeling has not been widely used in serious composed music.

*** Concerned with principles of security of the Western Hemisphere, the Act of Chapultepec declared that “every attack of a state against the integrity or inviolability of the territory, or against the sovereignty or political independence of an American state shall … be considered an act of aggression against the other states,” and called for a meeting of consultation to agree on measures to deal with the act of aggression.

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