Use Across in a Sentence, How to use “Across” in a sentence


Use Across in a sentence. How to use the word Across in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Across. Sentence for Across.

Use Across in a Sentence - How to use "Across" in a sentence


Examples of across in a sentence

  1. He is working with filmmaker Aaron Yamaguchi on a documentary about SlamAmerica, a poetry bus trip across the country.
  2. It’s lunch time, and the vans leave Vivian’s Vittles and enter the parking lot across the street.
  3. Pausch’s hit book, “The Last Lecture” (Hyperion), has moved countless people across the country with his convincing “savor every moment” message.
  4. They spread across the Peninsula from Newport News to Hampton.
  5. I came across the tannery when I walked east along the coast towards the beginning of the Akrotiri peninsula.
  6. In the York, across the Peninsula to the northeast, there was also activity.
  7. They staggered zigzag across the asphalt.
  8. The Ababda are the traditional guardians of the trade route across the Nubian Desert from the Sudan to Egypt.
  9. Flu vaccines are starting to arrive at local pharmacies across the Puget Sound.
  10. He also placed a board across the cart in front, in such a manner that the ends of the board rested upon the sides of the cart.
  11. When a sufficient supply of wood was gathered, Phonny laid some of it across his stone andirons, and then prepared to light the fire.
  12. Languages across the world have unique phonemic systems.
  13. If you have a large music library, it might take some time to upload and sync your music library across all of your devices.
  14. The crow flew away when he had got half across the field.
  15. When he was about two thirds across the field, he saw a stump at a short distance before him, with a small hornet’s nest upon one side of it.
  16. Phonny said this as he passed across the floor toward the horse-block.


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