Use achievements in a sentence

Use achievements in a sentence. How to use the word achievements in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word achievements.

Definition of achievements

Examples of achievements in a sentence

*** The achievements of Rama form the subject of the celebrated epic called the Ramâyana.

*** The cerebral narcissist is indistinguishable from the schizoid: he is asexual and prefers activities and interactions that emphasize his intelligence or intellectual achievements.

*** Behind the scenes at the London Zoo, the staff has been responsible for some remarkable breeding achievements between rare and endangered species.

*** The impetus for the distribution of social wealth continues to change in history and there is a great discrepancy between the traditional distribution base and the equitable sharing of the achievements of the reform.

*** Paradoxically, Dalton’s greatest political achievements were in the 1930’s while he was in opposition rather than in his later ministerial career.

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