Use Achieved in a Sentence, How to use “Achieved” in a sentence


Use Achieved in a sentence. How to use the word Achieved in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Achieved. Sentence for Achieved.

Use Achieved in a Sentence - How to use "Achieved" in a sentence

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Examples of Achieved in a sentence

  1. Coverage is achieved through the use of an oxyacetylene flame spraying process.
  2. For this successful academy, later removed to Lucca, he wrote short technical manuals that achieved wide circulation.
  3. As each case base is created with the ontological commitment to share the ontology, the integration of knowledge was effectively achieved.
  4. By adopting advanced selection variables, the relative optimal regression model was achieved.
  5. if the fried chicken could have a healthier image, it was achieved here.
  6. At last he has achieved his ambition to appear indistinguishable and distinctive.
  7. This is achieved through strict practices of celibacy and asceticism.
  8. Dalton entered Parliament as a Labourite in 1924 and quickly achieved a reputation as a lucid and well-informed speaker.
  9. When a balance of secre-tion is reached, about the time of adolescence, the growth mechanism generally stops and adult growth is achieved.
  10. Although the Salon of 1859 rejected his work, he exhibited regularly after 1863 and also achieved popular success with still lifes and Hower pictures.
  11. It achieved immediate popularity and has become part of the literary heritage of the many countries into whose languages it has been translated.
  12. Others, without having really achieved any thing in itself very great or wonderful, have become widely known to mankind by reason of the vast consequences which, in the subsequent course of events, resulted from their doings.
  13. Rustem, who made Kai Kobad ruler of Iran, and has since done such good service, and achieved such noble acts for Kai Kaus and Kai Chosru, remains at a distance from the court and army of king Gushtasp.
  14. In the overthrow of so mighty a power, Cyrus had achieved a great, and, so far as we can tell, an unexpected, success.


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