Use Acetyl in a Sentence – How to use “Acetyl” in a sentence


Use Acetyl in a sentence. How to use the word Acetyl in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Acetyl.

Use Acetyl in a Sentence - How to use "Acetyl" in a sentence


Definition of Acetyl

In organic chemistry, acetyl is a residue, the acyl with the chemical formula CH₃CO. Sometimes it is represented by the symbol Ac. The acetyl group contains a methyl group attached to a carbonyl.

Examples of Acetyl in a sentence

  1. The acetyl group can be introduced into a molecule in many ways.
  2. The Friedel-Crafts reaction is the most important procedure for introducing the acetyl group in aromatic compounds.
  3. The free carnitine was converted to acetyl carnitine C and measured in a scintillation counter.
  4. Objective: to investigate the influence of TOFA, an inhibitor of Acetyl CoA Carboxylase, on the cellular growth of the human ovarian cancer cell line COC1, and to explore the mechanism.
  5. The method of preparing tributyl citrate and acetyl tributyl citrate by solid super acid, rare earth solid acid, heteropoly acid et al. they were revised.
  6. In addition, the radical acetyl radical thermal decomposition course at CH_3 and CO is carried out by the same method.
  7. Genetic change involves acetylation, the introduction of an acetyl group into a molecule at the level of chromatin DNA that results in genetic transcription.
  8. Specifically, the study describes a genetic change of acetyl that causes memory impairment in old mice of 16 months.
  9. Friedel-Crafts acetylation of salicylamide (SA) with acetyl chloride to 5-acetylsalicylamide using triethylammonium chloride ionic liquid (IL) as catalyst and solvent was investigated.
  10. RESULTS The content of succinyl acid groups and acetyl groups in HPMCAS was related to the addition of two anhydrides.
  11. These help a mitochondrial enzyme called carnitine acetyl transferase to do its job.
  12. A method is introduced to determine the hydroxyl value of the epoxy-containing polyester, namely the acetyl chloride method.
  13. In treatment with alkali, Hemslecin A becomes its isomer Hemslecin C by acetyl migration.
  14. The hydroxyl value of the epoxy-containing polyester was determined by analyzing the principle of acetification and using acetyl chloride as an acetifier and methylene chloride as the solvent.
  15. One, called TSA, inhibits the enzyme that removes acetyl groups.

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