Use Accused in a Sentence, How to use “Accused” in a sentence


Use Accused in a sentence. How to use the word Accused in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accused.

Use Accused in a Sentence - How to use "Accused" in a sentence


Examples of Accused in a sentence

  1. The accused soon came in, and the two boys stood together before the master.
  2. Falsely accused of conspiring in the surrender of Mainz to Prussian and Austrian forces in 1793, he was convicted and guillotined on July 23, 1794.
  3. The desire to remain in power, coupled with the mounting frustrations in projected economic progress, created tensions within the ruling group that frequently led to harsh measures of repression against those who, rightly or wrongly, were accused of opposing the government’s aims.
  4. Early in his career he was on intimate terms with the great comedy writer Aristophanes, with whom he collaborated, but later the two became enemies, and Aristophanes accused Eupolis of plagiarism.
  5. The church accused him of impiety and all his writings were burned.
  6. Donald Trump believes that Washington, DC, accused him too much as the host of his parade.
  7. The government is accused of using delaying tactics.
  8. They are accused of using forged documents.
  9. Sellers are often accused of using artificial flattery.
  10. A remodel and adjustment led to charges of assault against a teenager. Dalsas R. Esparza, 16, of Cedar Rapids, is accused of shaving Shawn Weaver’s eyebrows while he was unconscious, police said.
  11. She was accused of deliberately deceiving Parliament.
  12. He has been accused of deceiving the electorate.
  13. They were accused of deceiving customers about the nutritional value of their product.
  14. ACQUITTAL, in criminal law, is the judicial discharge of a person accused of a crime.
  15. But if the accused is acquitted as the result of a verdict in his favor on the merits of the case, the acquittal bars his further prosecution for the same offense.
  16. In 1446 he was forced to leave Florence because he had been accused of theft.

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