Use Accusation in a Sentence, How to use “Accusation” in a sentence


Use Accusation in a sentence. How to use the word Accusation in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accusation. Sentence for Accusation.

Use Accusation in a Sentence - How to use "Accusation" in a sentence

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Examples of Accusation in a sentence

  1. Is he so abandoned as he feel no shame at such an accusation?
  2. The regression analysis indicated that the total variance of depression influenced by self-flexibility, self-disharmony, self-accusation and recourse was 41.8%.
  3. But if a Scolote was condemned to death on the accusation of another Scolote, the king handed over the condemned person to the complainant, who put him to death.
  4. Silanus was hurried away and dispatched by the swords of the soldiers, without ever knowing what the accusation was that had been made against him.
  5. When Nero had heard the report, he asked Silvanus whether Seneca appeared sufficiently terrified by the accusation to make it probable that he would destroy himself that night.
  6. On this accusation the Lords ordered Suffolk to be arrested, and he was sent to the Tower.
  7. He, however, sternly laid to his charge the accusation which Artembaris had brought against him.
  8. If they had doubted at the first, they could doubt no longer when the king had sealed his accusation by his despair and death.
  9. Accusation was received with favour by the king and rewarded by distinctions and presents.
  10. Innocently as a child she rebuffed the accusation and ignored the temper.
  11. With a flare of accusation she turned from Flame to the Master of the House.
  12. For the same accusation had been brought by the Scribes against John the prophet: but in vain.
  13. But, to any well-educated man, such an accusation as this refutes itself.
  14. The pure absurdity of such an accusation reveals itself in the very statement of it.
  15. His accusation is made with as many sneers and as much insult as could well be compressed into the space:


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