Use Accurate in a Sentence, How to use “Accurate” in a sentence


Use Accurate in a sentence. How to use the word Accurate in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accurate.

Use Accurate in a Sentence - How to use "Accurate" in a sentence

Definition of Accurate

(of information, measurements, statistics, etc.) correct in all details; exact.
correct, well-aimed, exact

Examples of Accurate in a sentence

  1. This makes the colorimeter more accurate.
  2. The information they gathered was amazingly accurate.
  3. Crossbow was a very popular weapon in the Middle Ages as it was strong and accurate and could be used as a sharpshooter weapon.
  4. An MRI scan can be used as an extremely accurate method of disease detection throughout the body.
  5. The report may not be accurate.
  6. Computational chemistry methods range from highly accurate to very approximate.
  7. He was the first person who made an accurate map of Japan.
  8. Poorly made bullets may not be accurate.
  9. The knowledge of the Avesta is most accurate in the north-east.
  10. Science produces accurate facts, scientific laws and theories.
  11. The explanation is not entirely accurate, so no doubt there are other factors also at work.
  12. The observatory had an important role as it used observations of the stars to keep accurate time.
  13. He worked on the making of accurate clocks, and invented the pendulum clock on Christmas 1656.
  14. Readers looking for accurate information will not find them amusing.
  15. It is not an encyclopedia article, and may not be accurate.
  16. The most accurate method for determining the behavior pattern of a mixed cost is the least squares regression.
  17. After that, the author explores the factors that affect the accurate measurement in real time of the current alternative parameters and analyzes the methods of real-time measurement of the alternating current.
  18. His accurate yet heroic realism allies him in spirit with the painter Jean François Millet.
  19. According to Hidalgo County Health Authority Ivan Melendez, the fatality numbers are very accurate, about 95 to 99% accurate.


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