Use Accumulator in a Sentence, How to use “Accumulator” in a sentence


Use Accumulator in a sentence. How to use the word Accumulator in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accumulator.

Use Accumulator in a Sentence - How to use "Accumulator" in a sentence


Examples of Accumulator in a sentence

  1. Accumulator, in hydraulics, is a machine for storing energy to provide power for machinery such as hydraulic presses and elevators.
  2. One type of accumulator consists of a vertical cylinder with a plunger heavily loaded with weights.
  3. An accumulator supplies large amounts of power for short periods of time, and it may be fed by a low-power pump.
  4. In Britain, an electric storage battery is called an accumulator.
  5. By controlling an N-bit accumulator and then get its highest bit to generate the programmable clock.
  6. The vibration provides countermeasures that include preventing the resonance caused by the same internal frequency, decreasing the pressure vomit and using the accumulator to absorb the vibration, etc.
  7. To the high demand situation of the reliability of the electric power system, it uses two parallel operations of the accumulator cell, the way of the floating power supply generally.
  8. During the heat accumulator that supplies users, the electric boiler generally tries to generate heat starting at a low price of electricity and stopping high.
  9. The influences of the loads and the air pressure in the accumulator on the rigidity of the oil air cushion system are analyzed.
  10. Applies an accumulator function on a sequence.
  11. The accumulator must operate within the prescribed extreme operating temperatures.
  12. The accumulator is used in a hydraulic press driven by a pump accumulator. The high pressure pump with a small flow can put the working liquid in the accumulator in the intermittent working time of the press.
  13. In this design, the energy recovery system uses a hydraulic accumulator.
  14. The role of the thermal accumulator in the adjustment of the boiler load and the use of waste heat from the industrial furnace, etc., and its operating principle and design ideas was described.
  15. When the interruption occurs, a code inserted by the compiler that pushes the accumulator, B, DPTR and the PSW to the stack is executed.

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