Use Accounts in a Sentence, How to use “Accounts” in a sentence


Use Accounts in a sentence. How to use the word Accounts in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accounts.

Use Accounts in a Sentence - How to use "Accounts" in a sentence

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Examples of Accounts in a sentence

  1. Asset and expense accounts debit to increase and credit to decrease.
  2. A ledger is a book or collection of accounts.
  3. This is done by analyzing the accounts and making the necessary “adjusting entries.”
  4. If the books have been closed correctly, this trial balance will contain only real accounts, because the nominal accounts have no balances immediately after closing.
  5. Fear of conditions that might be attached to economic aid accounts in part for the public stance of neutralism adopted by so many African governments.
  6. A is an abacus, the old Chinese adding machine that uses accounts to count.
  7. The abacus fell to the ground and the accounts went everywhere.
  8. Vassily Prokofyevich, the manager, was doing his accounts, breaking his abacus.
  9. These inquiries accustom the pupils to render honest and faithful accounts themselves.
  10. The woman in charge of the accounts department is an absolute dragon!
  11. The promotion panels, the search committees, the nomination bodies, nobody calls them to render accounts.
  12. Manage the collection, allocation, budgets and final accounts of railroad construction funds.
  13. Sometimes it becomes that these accounts are deceptive.
  14. Others also create pages or separate accounts that are dedicated to narrate the story of the recipient.
  15. It is well, on other accounts, to give the pupils of a school a little respite, at least every hour; and if this is done, an intermission of study for two minutes each time will be sufficient.
  16. Keeping a register of the scholars, and various other duties connected with the accounts.
  17. The institutions which Romulus actually founded, were of a very republican character, if the accounts of subsequent writers are to be believed.
  18. In the accounts given by the Greeks of the worship of these nations, in spite of much agreement, points are found at variance with the rules of the Avesta, and as a fact certain distinctions did prevail.


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