Use Account in a Sentence, How to use “Account” in a sentence


Use Account in a sentence. How to use the word Account in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Account. Sentence for Account.

Use Account in a Sentence - How to use "Account" in a sentence


Examples of Account in a sentence

  1. Used as a noun, credit means the normal balance of a liability, net worth, income, or contra debit account.
  2. Real accounts (balance sheet accounts) are balanced; nominal accounts (income and expense statement accounts) are not balanced, but are “closed to” the income and expense account at the end of each period.
  3. By the end of January, the account would still show a balance of $6,000, but only the unused portion of $5,000 is still an asset and the used portion of $1,000 has become an expense which belongs in a nominal account.
  4. Because of the youth of many victims, accidents account for the loss of more working years among Americans than any one natural cause of death.
  5. “Debit,” used as a verb, means to enter or post an amount on the left side of an account.
  6. Used as a noun, debit refers to the normal balance of an asset, expense, or contra credit account.
  7. “Credit,” used as a verb, means to enter or post an amount on the right side of an account.
  8. The account or accounts to be debited are entered first and brought out to the left margin of the item space.
  9. The entry on January 12 indicates a cash debit, and that debit is posted to the “Cash” account on January 12.
  10. A “closing entry” is required in the journal to support the closing of a nominal account in the ledger.
  11. The expense portion is transferred to a nominal account by an adjusting entry debiting “Rent Expense” for $1,000 and crediting “Prepaid Rent” for $1,000.
  12. Once your account is all set up, why not start by uploading a video or creating a playlist of your favorite videos?
  13. During registration, you were given the opportunity to add things to your account like a profile image, a description, and your paypal info.
  14. They gave us a long, boring, step-by-step account of their last game of golf.

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