Use According in a Sentence – How to use “According” in a sentence


How to use the word According in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word According.

Use According in a Sentence - How to use "According" in a sentence


Examples of According in a sentence

  1. He assisted Priam in the Trojan War, entertained Aeneas during his voyage, and helped Aeneas, according to Virgil’s Aeneid, bury his father on Mount Eryx.
  2. In order to be an accomplice, a person must himself be liable to indictment for the same offense, according to the rule generally accepted by the weight of judicial authority.
  3. According to their cosmology, the universe comprises an underworld, earth, and heaven, all of which levels of habitation are supported by a gigantic pillar or post.
  4. According to the French, translators are traitors.
  5. According to Donald, Mac bought a new car.
  6. The box is from Canada, according to the label.
  7. According to Donald, the bank closes at 4 p.m.
  8. For each patient, p was calculated according to the value of each variable and its respective regression coefficient.
  9. He issued an edict according to which none of his writings would be destroyed.
  10. According to the crystal ray tracing formulas, the aberration of the wollaston prism is calculated.
  11. This article presented the experience and method of how to determine the firing sequence of the cartridge case according to the cartridge case left at the crime scene.
  12. According to reports, a user interface allows a developer to intervene at any stage of the translation.
  13. According to our educational system, it is assumed that you can choose the type of education your child receives.
  14. What can be found will inevitably vary according to the area under study.
  15. He had always been sentimental with horses, too, according to his father.
  16. It is quite impossible, and very misleading to suggest, that pruning can be done according to the calendar.
  17. Then, according to the accompaniment, we divided the choir into A Cappella and Chorus with instrumental accompaniment.

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