Use Accompanying in a Sentence

Use Accompanying in a sentence. How to use the word Accompanying in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accompanying.

Definition of Accompanying

Examples of Accompanying in a sentence

***Sound wave in a solid material is represented by a mechanical model, as explained in the accompanying text.

***The color map accompanying this article shows the distribution of the major language groupings of Africa.

*** However, Marsilid also had more unwanted effects than its accompanying drug, and some patients experienced psychotic episodes.

*** The accompanying musical notation of the left hand of the clear day needs the left hand.

*** To extract the natural tocopherols from the accompanying debromination, the solvent urea package method was used to separate the natural tocopherols and the fatty acid and its glyceride.

*** Without accompanying text of traditional concert music, not a fixed tone, the actors played notes at random, along with the orchestral accompaniment, the adjusted value of the notes of D.

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