Use Accompanying in a Sentence – How to use “Accompanying” in a sentence


Use Accompanying in a sentence. How to use the word Accompanying in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accompanying.

Use Accompanying in a Sentence - How to use "Accompanying" in a sentence


Examples of Accompanying in a sentence

  1. Sound wave in a solid material is represented by a mechanical model, as explained in the accompanying text.
  2. The color map accompanying this article shows the distribution of the major language groupings of Africa.
  3. However, Marsilid also had more unwanted effects than its accompanying drug, and some patients experienced psychotic episodes.
  4. The accompanying musical notation of the left hand of the clear day needs the left hand.
  5. To extract the natural tocopherols from the accompanying debromination, the solvent urea package method was used to separate the natural tocopherols and the fatty acid and its glyceride.
  6. Without accompanying text of traditional concert music, not a fixed tone, the actors played notes at random, along with the orchestral accompaniment, the adjusted value of the notes of D.
  7. Both given in the accompanying volume containing “Old Time English” Stories.
  8. The increasing warmth of the sun, and the south winds with their accompanying rains, soon start the little
    icebergs oceanward, or melt them when they are securely stranded.
  9. Holding the patent, they can prevent any husband taking possession of the girl by marriage, and they can sell, assign, transfer, and set over the patent right and the accompanying girl to any purchaser.
  10. The spread of the system of castes, the accompanying tendency to perpetuate what has once come into existence, was not likely to injure the continuance of these clans.
  11. Please study the entire accompanying service policy carefully in order to make a complete request.
  12. Possibility of importing accompanying animals from third countries for non-commercial purposes.
  13. A person can apply for accompanying visa if he or she is the fiance or spouse and child or children of the original visa applicant.

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