Use Accessories in a Sentence, How to use “Accessories” in a sentence


Use Accessories in a sentence. How to use the word Accessories in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accessories.

Use Accessories in a Sentence - How to use "Accessories" in a sentence

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Examples of Accessories in a sentence

  1. Accessories are embellished with colorful beads that is reminiscent of the Huichol spirituality.
  2. Wanting to up your accessories game?
  3. It has adorned every class of textile object garments; costume accessories, such as bags and handkerchiefs; and furnishings, such as carpets, hangings, coverlets, upholstery, and household linen.
  4. It will take you a lot of money if you want to recreate the atmosphere of a real bar in your own home. From bar accessories, stools to other paraphernalia, it can cost you a pump.
  5. Made of red cedar, it has double glazing and all the accessories of the opening window are made of solid brass.
  6. Type of product: clothing and luggage products necessary for a variety of accessories and gifts.
  7. Stationery and office supplies, Fashion accessories, Tools, Car parts, Construction hardware and Stationery materials.
  8. We are one of the most professional suppliers of crochet clothing and garment accessories in the Chaoshan area.
  9. In high treason, there are no accessories; all are principals.
  10. In petit treason, murder, and felonies, there may be accessories, except in offenses which, by judgment of law, are sudden and unpremeditated, such as manslaughter, and cannot have any accessories before the fact.
  11. Also, in petit larceny and in all crimes under the degree of felony, there are no accessories either before or after the fact; all persons concerned therein, if guilty at all, are principals.
  12. “By so doing,” said he, “we should be accessories to the sin.”
  13. The ‘phone receivers and the crystal detector will have to be purchased as well as some of the accessories, such as the copper wire, pulleys, battery, switches, binding posts, the buzzer tester and so forth.


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