Use Accepted in a Sentence, How to use “Accepted” in a sentence


Use Accepted in a sentence. How to use the word Accepted in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accepted. Sentence for Accepted.

Use Accepted in a Sentence - How to use "Accepted" in a sentence


Examples of Accepted in a sentence

  1. I finally accepted the idea that I am an artist.
  2. Eurodollars, are deposits accepted or loans made in U. S. dollars by banks located outside the United States.
  3. Some of them still stood out, even the rest had accepted my proposal.
  4. it was raining, so I accepted his offer of an elevator.
  5. How is this prayer accepted?
  6. An alternate jury member drowned with the penalty and accepted the water and tissues of a concerned court employee.
  7. I realized that I accepted my suggestion for purely sentimental reasons.
  8. This is how the companies gradually accepted the increase in traffic and gave it a new impetus.
  9. M. Mabeuf, in his venerable childish austerity, had not accepted the gift of the stars; he had not admitted that a star could be struck in louis d’or.
  10. In 1893 he accepted the Durand line as the Afghan-Indian boundary.
  11. Accommodation paper includes notes or bills of exchange made, accepted, or endorsed without any consideration.
  12. I have offered it to him, said Beechnut, but he has not told me yet whether he accepted the offer or not.
  13. “The question is,” continued Beechnut, “which must be considered as first in order of time, the one who had the offer first, or the one who accepted first.”
  14. This invitation was accepted by great numbers of people, from every rank and station in life.
  15. What was not discovered “after Alexander” means what was not discovered or not accepted at this redaction.
  16. These regulations of the Avesta were fully accepted in the West.
  17. Being weaker than the Median king, he ranged himself under his leadership and power, agreed to follow him in war, and accepted the position of his general and vassal.
  18. The condition was accepted; the mercenaries marched out of the city and encamped on a hill opposite the Macedonian camp.

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