Use Accent in a Sentence, How to use “Accent” in a sentence


Use Accent in a sentence. How to use the word Accent in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accent. Sentence for Accent.

Accent in a Sentence
Examples of Accent in a sentence

  1. Never before had I heard something like Geordie’s accent, and at first it was unintelligible to me.
  2. In repeating these lines, the teacher spoke in a strong foreign accent.
  3. Immediately afterward a voice, in a mournful and sepulchral accent, began to beg him to go away, and cease disturbing the repose of the dead.
  4. “I would infer from your accent that you are a Northerner, a Yankee,” he said, looking at me closely, and in a way I did not quite understand.
  5. He had been previously charged by Richard not to speak, except when it could not possibly be avoided, as he had not the accent of the country.
  6. It sounded something like this, _Yezonkai Behadr_, with the accent on the last syllable, Behadr, and the _a_ sounded like _a_ in _hark_.
  7. He said all this with so strong a German accent, and pronounced the barbarous words with so foreign an intonation, that no trace or impression whatever was left by them on Mr. George’s ear.
  8. He gave his account, too, in a very gentle tone of voice, and with a Scotch accent, which seemed so appropriate to the place and to the occasion that it imparted to his conversation a peculiar charm.
  9. “Yes, sir,” said the man, in a very foreign accent, but yet in a very pleasant tone.
  10. “Yes, sare,” replied the man, speaking with great formality, and in a very foreign accent, making, at the same time, a very polite bow.
  11. “Are you going to the Garden of Plants?” said the man to Rollo, speaking in English, though with a very decidedly foreign accent.
  12. When there is a stress accent, as there was in Latin, this is especially liable to be the case.


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