Use Accede in a Sentence – How to use “Accede” in a sentence


Use Accede in a sentence. How to use the word Accede in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accede. Sentence for Accede.

Use Accede in a Sentence - How to use "Accede" in a sentence

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Definition of Accede

  1. To give consent or agreement; say yes
  2. To come or enter, as to a high office

Examples of Accede in a sentence

  • to accede to a plea.
  • to accede to the throne.
  • ├ćneas was very willing to accede to this proposal.
  • But the King of France would not accede to the terms, and so this plan was abandoned.
  • She refused to accede to this proposal, suspecting, perhaps, Cassander’s treachery in making it.
  • The Carthaginians would not accede to this demand, and so the negotiations were suspended.
  • Silanus, however, would not accede to her wishes, and her love for him was then changed into hatred and thirst for revenge.
  • Lycurgus was much shocked at receiving such a proposition, but he deemed it best, for the time being, to appear to accede to it.
  • The officers seemed much disposed to listen to these overtures; in fine, they soon decided to accede to them.
  • He was, therefore, easily persuaded to accede to Northumberland’s plan, especially as he was himself strongly attached to Lady Jane, who had often been his playmate and companion.
  • Antipater, the letter said, was willing to pay him three hundred talents of silver in consideration of his doing so, and the letter strongly urged him to accede to this offer, and evacuate the kingdom.
  • Peter had several times sent a flag of truce to him since he had entered into the Russian dominions, expressing a desire to make peace, and proposing very reasonable terms for Charles to accede to.
  • These priests, and Alexis’s other advisers, told him that he was perfectly safe in pretending to accede to his father’s plan to send him to a monastery, for his father would never think of such a thing as putting the threat in execution.


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