Academic in a Sentence

Use academic in a sentence. Sentence for academic. How to use the word academic in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word academic. How to use “academic” with example sentences.

Academic in a Sentence

Definition of Academic

1. Of or having to do with schools, colleges, or studies; scholarly.

2. Having to do with general or liberal rather than technical education.

3. Having little or no practical use; theoretical

Examples of academic in a sentence

1 – It is academic to discuss the distant future.

2 – The complementary information in academic writings attracts readers and provides a service of documentary information with bases of index, transmission and statistics of information.

3 – The novel is far from his academic writings.

4 – The issue has sparked much debate in later cases and in academic writings.

5 – His writings took powerful academic circles.

6 – From bunkum to realistic is an important change in the academic thinking of the Qing Dynasty, but it is also an important prerequisite of the Theory of Classical Literature of the Tong Cheng School to produce.

7 – His academic studies were supplemented with private tutoring by the master-sculptor Jean Baptiste Carpeaux, who exercised a strong influence on him.

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