Use Abuse in a Sentence – How to use “Abuse” in a sentence


Use Abuse in a sentence. How to use the word Abuse in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abuse. Sentence for Abuse.

Use Abuse in a Sentence - How to use "Abuse" in a sentence

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Examples of Abuse in a sentence

  1. Donald suffered abuse.
  2. They’re against animal abuse.
  3. People shouldn’t abuse animals.
  4. Abstain from the abuse of drugs and alcohol.
  5. On the personal front, he was facing domestic abuse accusations levied by both his ex-wives.
  6. After she was accused of striking her partner, Locklear was then charged with a count of domestic abuse, but that charge was dropped in March of 2019.
  7. He should often address questions to individuals alone, especially to those most likely to be inattentive and careless, and guard against the ingress of every abuse which might, without close vigilance, appear.
  8. Of course, it is very easy for the teacher, if he is so disposed, to abuse this privilege also.
  9. Be very careful not to abuse this privilege, and make slight causes the grounds of your exceptions.
  10. The parent has every thing at stake; and it is manifestly unjust to give one man the power of deciding, while he escapes all the consequences of his mistakes, if he makes any, and to take away all the _power_ from those upon whose heads all the suffering which will follow an abuse of the power must descend.
  11. Shall we allow the children to abuse their toys in this wise? exclaims the prosaic adult.
  12. Thus amused and surmising, all my vexation at the colonel’s high-handed treatment and verbal abuse of me departed.
  13. My father used to abuse me; but my mother took my part, and now I want to go and see her.
  14. Alfred was considerate, quiet, and reflective; he improved the privileges which he enjoyed, and did not abuse the kindness and the favors which every one by whom he was known lavished upon him.


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