Use Absurdly in a Sentence – How to use “Absurdly” in a sentence


Use Absurdly in a sentence. How to use the word Absurdly in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Absurdly.

Use Absurdly in a Sentence - How to use "Absurdly" in a sentence


Examples of Absurdly in a sentence

  1. It seemed an absurdly high sum to pay for a coat.
  2. She changed her plain dress for a girl’s dress absurdly.
  3. Prices were still absurdly low, in his opinion.
  4. Prices on the island seem absurdly low for Western tourists.
  5. The paintings were sold at absurdly high prices.
  6. There is also often an absurdly heavy effect, when the named author makes only a fleeting appearance.
  7. To begin with, the real battlefield seemed so absurdly small.
  8. Lanikai is almost absurdly beautiful, and even literal-minded scientists fall under his spell.
  9. Now, each absurdly impossible image came back to her with a sardonic legend attached: Oh, yes?
  10. Therefore, many community teams of mental disabilities have devised absurdly ambitious operational policies that attempt to do everything for everyone.
  11. People at that time had been so absurdly vulnerable, prey to disease and deception.
  12. The government establishes that the local price of gasoline is absurdly low and imposes taxes of more than 80% on the income of the company.
  13. After years of tortuous studies, absurdly limited measures have been proposed to break the barriers between banks and brokers.
  14. It is not at all clear that these absurdly small scales have some physical meaning.
  15. Zampano is trying on his new clothes, absurdly involved in his newfound stripes elegance.
  16. The only offers that Gloria received were absurdly low, and she rejected them with indignation.
  17. Violence of the law, i. e., firing people, is absurdly cheap.
  18. Caro’s face was paler, but still fresh and absurdly young.
  19. They are the absurdly pompous Pons who apparently bring together the scattered evidence of Urim’s past.
  20. He found it absurdly stagy, and was partly ashamed, partly funny.
  21. Mrs. Roberts, in fact, who felt completely disoriented, clung absurdly to the reality of Martin Parr.

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