Abstained in a Sentence

Use Abstained in a sentence. How to use the word Abstained in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abstained.

Definition of Abstained

Examples of Abstained in a sentence

*** He abstained from alcohol.

*** Donald abstained from voting.

*** When it was time to vote, he abstained.

*** However, nine senator voted with the government while another 12 are thought to have abstained.

*** Methodists also historically abstained from alcohol.

*** Councillor Tyler Durden abstained from Thursday night’s mayoral vote.

*** He abstained from voting.

*** The Maldives abstained from voting on a motion to deliberate initiative against the genocides, killings and persecution.

*** In the last election he abstained.

*** They abstained collectively (from voting) in elections for local councilors.

*** Three Conservative Members abstained in the vote.

*** He abstained from voting at the end of the debate.

*** They abstained collectively in elections for local councilors.

*** In the referendum many people abstained.

*** Two deputies abstained in the vote.

*** Three committee members abstained.

*** The Government abstained on a different aspect related to the Rome treaty.

*** There were even some members who abstained from voting, an unprecedented phenomenon.

*** About 30 conservatives abstained, as did a significant number of Labor backbenchers.

*** During 24 hours, all abstained from consuming drugs that could interfere with the esophagogastric function.

*** Mayor Mike Martini, owner of a warehouse, abstained and Tuesday’s vote ended 3-3.

*** Dexy used to exercise together, they abstained from alcohol and drugs.

*** New Democracy abstained again so that none of the candidates could win a two-thirds majority, Thompson received 127 votes and Saturland 21.

*** John Doe, the intelligence chief who had abstained in the martial law vote, supported an immediate crackdown by the army.

*** Seoul had abstained from three previous votes under a policy of non-confrontational engagement with Pyongyang.

*** But the western country that abstained from that gives with the table knife food as in the mouth, on the plate can not be disordered, otherwise, the human lacks training.

*** He abstained in part for precautionary reasons.


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