Abstain in a Sentence


How to use the word Abstain in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abstain.

Abstain in a Sentence

Examples of Abstain in a sentence

*** Advocates in Karnataka abstain from court work protesting over Justice Jayant Patel’s transfer.

*** As long as the “alleged imputability” is not eliminated, the bishop in question must abstain from all public ministries.

*** I abstain.


*** Advocates from 189 associations across Karnataka have decided to abstain from appearing in Courts on Wednesday as a mark of protest.

*** We abstain from alcohol.

*** Donald was told to abstain from smoking and drinking.

*** Athletes usually abstain from smoking.

*** They abstain from alcohol.

*** My father tries to abstain from drinking.

*** The doctor advised him to abstain from drinking.

*** Can you abstain from smoking for a week?

Abstain in a Sentence (Video)

*** The doctor has ordered the patient to abstain from wine.

*** He was told to abstain from drinking by the doctor.

*** He can’t abstain from wine even for one day.

*** You have the right to abstain from serving as witnesses.

*** I had to abstain from smoking while I was in the hospital.

*** The first step towards virtue is to abstain from vice.

*** Do you drink alcohol, smoke or abstain?

*** In older women, some acting women, kisses of soul, mouth, stimulate contact with the breasts, mouth and genitals, their ability to caress is intimate and most suffer a society to abstain.

*** Abstain from carnal desires, which were against the soul.

*** Many who abstain consider smoking a sign of weakness or intemperance.

*** How will you rejoice and applaud if you abstain?

*** Xianchou to if the show would also abstain me.

*** Therefore, we can effectively defend self-ignition and abstain or diminish the outbreaks of fire and its loss.

*** Muslims around the world abstain from eating, drinking and having sex from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan, the most sacred month of the Islamic calendar.

*** But their abstained parishioners, who could accept abstaining from all alcohol, could not abstain from living without possessing persons.

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