Use Absorption in a Sentence, How to use “Absorption” in a sentence


Use Absorption in a sentence. How to use the word Absorption in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Absorption.

Use Absorption in a Sentence - How to use "Absorption" in a sentence


Examples of Absorption in a sentence

  1. Entry, transportation, breaking-down and absorption of food is possible, and thanks to a series of conduits, tissues and organs that constitute the Digestive System.
  2. This paper has very good absorption.
  3. The different conditions of acid absorption, neutralization and sentimental condition have been studied for their effect on productivity in the phytic acid process.
  4. We demonstrate new nano-imaging technique for intrinsic absorption properties of materials using near-field scanning optical microscopy.
  5. Sabin, the unit of sound absorption of a surface. A sound absorption of one sabin is equivalent to the sound absorption of a perfectly absorbing material that has a surface area of 1 square foot.
  6. But sincerity was often indistinguishable from self-absorption.
  7. Absorption is the infusing of substances within a solid that requires similar polarity, capillary in the absorbent and wetting.
  8. There is also a subsidiary resonance near ¼ cm, and a non-resonant absorption at long wave-lengths due to diagonal matrix elements.
  9. Dermal absorption can occur from occupational, environmental, or consumer skin exposure to chemicals, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.
  10. The highest object of the eremite was meditation, absorption in Brahman.
  11. For example, intestinal absorption is the uptake of food (or other substances) from the digestive tract.
  12. Materials with higher absorption coefficients more readily absorb photons, which excite electrons into the conduction band.
  13. Absorption is the process of a drug moving from its site of delivery into the bloodstream.
  14. This activity investigates the effect surface color has on heat absorption and radiation.
  15. Other symptoms are a result of a deficiency of that nutrient, which is caused by its poor absorption.
  16. Absorption rate, a term commonly used in real estate, is the rate at which homes sell in an area over a time period.

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