Use Absent in a Sentence, How to use “Absent” in a sentence


Use absent in a sentence. How to use the word absent in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word absent. Sentence for absent.

Absent in A Sentence
Definition of Absent

  • 1. Not present; away.
  • 2. To take or keep (oneself) away
  • 3. Lacking; missing
  • 4. Showing a lack of attention; preoccupied

Examples of absent in a sentence

  1. The electrician was absent from work.
  2. There is a small tubercle (absent in aardvarks) near this opening.
  3. Several members of the congregation are absent.
  4. Require each pupil to remember for himself, and if he was absent when the lesson was assigned, let him ask his class-mate in a rest.
  5. They can count all who are here, and, by observing the vacant desks, they can ascertain the number absent.
  6. One had no slate; another was absent when the lesson was assigned; a third performed the work, but it got rubbed out, and a fourth did not know what was to be done.
  7. There is a great objection to this plan from the fact that a boy is sometimes necessarily absent, and by this rule he will lose his recess with the rest, so that the innocent will be punished with the guilty.
  8. It is true that they might have been transported to the south coast of Arabia or the Somali coast of East Africa by the trade of the Arabians, or even of the Indians (I. 321); but the ships of Solomon and Hiram would not need to be absent for three years in order to obtain them there.
  9. In the long period during which their husbands had been absent, the Scythian women had lived with their slaves, and from this intercourse a young generation had grown up, who opposed those who returned from Media.
  10. On the third campaign against Asia they were absent eight years, and on their return had to carry on war against their slaves; in this they finally got the victory by their rods and whips, and all the slaves whom they could capture were crucified.

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