Use Abruptly in a Sentence, How to use “Abruptly” in a sentence


Use Abruptly in a sentence. How to use the word Abruptly in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abruptly. Sentence for Abruptly.

Abruptly in a Sentence


Definition of Abruptly

  • 1. Sudden
  • 2. Steep.
  • 3. Sudden; hasty.
  • 4. Rude or curt, as in speech; brusque.

Examples of abruptly in a sentence

  1. Just as he was about to turn around to follow the troop, abruptly, a powerful hand pressed his mouth into the darkness and at the same time a ribbon of cusp tore into his throat.
  2. The mountain, rising abruptly on one side, formed a sure defense on that side: on the other side was a small lake, of clear and pellucid water.
  3. “How do you think Mrs. Vanderbridge is looking?” she asked abruptly in a voice that held a breathless note of suspense.
  4. Stopping abruptly, with a jerk which ran like a spasm through her slender figure, she gazed with hard searching eyes over the red lilies into the mirror.
  5. He hesitated an instant, stared approvingly at the red lilies, and remarked abruptly, “Nice colour.”
  6. “You are very lovely, Margaret,” she said abruptly.
  7. A thought struck her, and she asked abruptly, “When your turn comes, if it ever does, will you give way as I do?”
  8. His voice sounded strained and husky, and he coughed abruptly as if he were trying to hide his embarrassment.
  9. At last the woods ended abruptly on the edge of an abandoned field which was thickly sown with scrub pine and broomsedge.
  10. Beyond were open fields, ending abruptly at the foot of steep and rough mountains.
  11. On the fourth day my door was abruptly thrown open, and Grace Hetherill entered.
  12. An hour of this, and the doctor broke off abruptly.
  13. The head of the lake that is, the eastern end of it is surrounded with mountains, the slopes of which seem to rise very abruptly from the water, and ascend to such a height that patches of snow lie on the summits of them all the summer.

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