Use Abrupt in a Sentence – How to use “Abrupt” in a sentence


Use Abrupt in a sentence. How to use the word Abrupt in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abrupt. Sentence for Abrupt.

Abrupt in a Sentence


Definition of Abrupt

  • 1. Sudden
  • 2. Steep.
  • 3. Sudden; hasty.
  • 4. Rude or curt, as in speech; brusque.

Examples of abrupt in a sentence

  1. an abrupt turn.
  2. an abrupt cliff.
  3. an abrupt departure.
  4. Donald’s abrupt manner causes him to be misunderstood.
  5. That was abrupt.
  6. Donald has an abrupt manner but a kind heart.
  7. She made an abrupt departure.
  8. Don’t make abrupt moves.
  9. Donald’s abrupt manner puts a lot of people off.
  10. The car made an abrupt turn.
  11. The car came to an abrupt stop.
  12. The bus came to an abrupt stop.
  13. The elevator came to an abrupt halt.
  14. He was confused by the abrupt question.
  15. He’s abrupt in his way of speaking.
  16. He looked puzzled at the abrupt question posed by a reporter.
  17. He is abrupt, but is, in fact, a good-natured person.
  18. The most abrupt percentage decreases were observed with the Tennessee Walking race [22.75%] and the miniature race [16.88%].
  19. The football umpire and the dungeon-builder, sniffing a prospective treat, bring their operations to an abrupt close.
  20. He found that the numerous abrupt steps in the trail laid a heavy tax upon his strength, and that some steep places proved slippery under the burden that he bore.
  21. The dying scene opened upon the king’s vision in a very abrupt and sudden manner.
  22. In carrying the system into effect in Rollo’s case, there seemed to be something very abrupt, at least, if not positively harsh, in Mr. George’s mode of dealing with him.
  23. Then so quietly that it scarcely seemed abrupt, “Father,” she asked, “was my mother–beautiful?”
  24. With an abrupt effort at self-control Rae Malgregor jerked her head into at least the outer semblance of a person lost in almost fathomless thought.

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