Use Abroad in a Sentence – How to use “Abroad” in a sentence


Use Abroad in a sentence. How to use the word Abroad in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abroad. Sentence for Abroad.

Abroad in a Sentence


Definition of Abroad

  • 1. Out of one’s country; in or into foreign lands
  • 2. Out of one’s home; outdoors
  • 3. At large; all around

Examples of abroad in a sentence

  1. The agency was not accredited by the Philippine Consulate to offer contracts to Filipinos abroad.
  2. to live abroad.
  3. to stroll abroad.
  4. Rumors are abroad.
  5. Any gain abroad accumulated not for her, but for the sub-companies.
  6. The abacus is still in use today Chinatowns abroad.
  7. After leaving Eton Gray went to Cambridge University and then travelled abroad for a time.
  8. Your boss recommended a permanent transfer abroad.
  9. In Firdusi Isfendyar is sent to spread abroad the new law over the earth.
  10. I would accept a job abroad any day instead of staying in this country.
  11. The seductions of life in a warm climate have led many Britons to live abroad, especially in Spain.
  12. A crisis center was set up to manage supplies and foreign exchange agreements were negotiated to buy supplies from abroad.
  13. We received Christmas cards from abroad when I was young.
  14. Ammianus Marcellinus calls Zoroaster a Bactrian, and tells us that Hystaspes, the father of Darius, spread abroad the doctrine of the Magians.
  15. One solution would be if Harry obtained a diplomatic role abroad, such as the governor general of Canada, who would make all his time abroad count the same as being in Britain.
  16. It was not long before the intelligence of the defeat and flight of Astyages spread abroad, and nations as well as individuals deserted him.
  17. I have restored the shrines of the supreme deity, extended the worship of the god, and spread abroad the worship of the high divinity of Nebo.
  18. The next summer Doctor Maradick went abroad for two months, and while he was away I took my vacation in Virginia.

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