Use Above in a Sentence, How to use “Above” in a sentence


Use Above in a sentence. How to use the word Above in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Above.

Use Above in a Sentence - How to use "Above" in a sentence


Definition of Above

  1. In a higher place; farther up
  2. Higher than; over.
  3. Beyond past
  4. Earlier in a book, article, or chapter
  5. Already mentioned
  6. Too good to stop to; superior to

Examples of Above in a sentence

  1. the sky above.
  2. a shelf above the stove.
  3. Her grades are above average.
  4. the above instructions.
  5. There were large white clouds in the sky above the mountains.
  6. above, revenue agents with a measuring rope are greeted by a peasant and his family, all carrying gifts.
  7. There were large white clouds in the sky above the mountains.
  8. In Chinese abacus, each bead moved above the horizontal bar represents five times the place value of each vertical wire.
  9. Development of the letter B is illustrated in the above chart, beginning with the early North Semitic letter.
  10. Altitude means height above the ground or above the sea level.
  11. The composer usually shows what ornaments are needed by little signs written above the notes.
  12. The climate above the tree-line is called an alpine climate.
  13. No-one is above the law, even the king.
  14. Roots are always under the soil, though–sometimes roots can be above the ground.
  15. The forest is on a plateau which is above grassy plains.
  16. The minimum temperature zone, the coolest layer of the Sun, is about 500 km above the photosphere.
  17. The peanut plant flowers above ground, then develops its pods underground.
  18. A syphon can raise water to a height of 25 feet above the source elevation.
  19. The lake is 21 feet (6.4 m) above sea level.
  20. The higher above the Earth something is, the thinner the atmosphere around it is.
  21. A horseshoe nailed above a doorway is a good luck charm.
  22. A pencil being held above a table has a higher gravitational potential than a pencil sitting on the table.
  23. About 90% of an iceberg is below the water line and ten percent above.
  24. The roots of a tree are generally down in earth, providing anchorage for the parts above ground, and taking in water and nutrients from the soil.
  25. The volcano is 3,718 meters above sea level.
  26. Located above the Member’s Profile you will see “@ want to contact (Member’s Handle)”.
  27. It is located in the midst of broad meadows and giant cedars well above the eastern shores of the wide and winding Dart River.

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