Use Above in a Sentence and How to use “Above” in a sentence


Use Above in a sentence. How to use the word Above in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Above. Sentence for Above.

Use Above in a Sentence - How to use "Above" in a sentence

Definition of Above

Above” is an adjective, adverb, or preposition that can be used in a variety of contexts to describe something that is higher in position or further up than something else.

For example:

  • The airplane flew above the clouds. (adverb)
  • The cat sat above the couch. (preposition)
  • The shelf above the fireplace was too high to reach. (adjective)

In each of these examples, “above” indicates a higher position or location relative to something else.


Examples of Above in a sentence

  1. The sun was above the horizon when we left the house.
  2. The bird was perched above the branch, singing a beautiful song.
  3. The painting above the fireplace is a family heirloom.
  4. The airplane flew above the clouds on its way to London.
  5. The mountain peak rose above the trees, visible for miles.
  6. The teacher wrote the assignment above the chalkboard for all to see.
  7. The sign above the door reads “Welcome to our store.”
  8. The shelf above the desk held a collection of rare books.
  9. The balcony above the street offered a great view of the parade.
  10. The eagle soared above the canyon, searching for its next meal.
  11. The helicopter hovered above the traffic, monitoring the situation.
  12. The kite flew above the park, caught in a strong gust of wind.
  13. The choir sang above the orchestra, their voices rising to the rafters.
  14. The stars twinkled above the tree line, providing a beautiful night sky.
  15. The bridge arched above the river, a marvel of engineering.
  16. The treehouse was built high above the ground, providing a cozy hideaway.
  17. The billboard was mounted above the highway, visible to passing drivers.
  18. The flag flew above the embassy, a symbol of the country’s sovereignty.
  19. The skyscraper towered above the city, its gleaming windows reflecting the sun.
  20. The satellite orbited above the earth, transmitting data back to scientists on the ground.
  21. The fireworks exploded above the crowd, filling the sky with colors and light.
  22. The mountain lion crouched above the trail, ready to pounce on its prey.
  23. The angel hovered above the newborn baby, blessing it with love and protection.
  24. The dragon flew above the castle, its wings beating the air.
  25. The satellite dish was mounted above the roof, receiving signals from space.
  26. The bald eagle perched above the nest, keeping watch over its young.
  27. The umpire stood above the plate, calling balls and strikes.
  28. The teacher’s desk was located above the students, giving her a commanding view of the classroom.
  29. The airplane flew above the turbulence, providing a smooth ride for its passengers.
  30. The cat sat above the fireplace, watching the mice scurry below.
  31. The mountain goat climbed above the treeline, searching for food.
  32. The vulture circled above the carrion, waiting for its chance to feast.
  33. The ladder leaned against the wall above the bookshelf, providing access to the upper shelves.
  34. The sunflower turned its head above the garden, following the movement of the sun.
  35. The owl perched above the field, watching for its next meal.
  36. The gecko clung to the wall above the door, its toes gripping the surface.
  37. The satellite dish above the house picked up a clear signal from the orbiting satellite.
  38. The helicopter flew above the city, its rotors beating the air.
  39. The giraffe peered above the trees, searching for food.
  40. The astronaut floated above the International Space Station, conducting repairs outside the spacecraft.

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