Use About in a Sentence, How to use “About” in a sentence


Use About in a sentence. How to use the word About in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word About.

Use About in a Sentence - How to use "About" in a sentence


Definition of About

  1. Having to do with
  2. Close to; almost; approximately
  3. Here and there
  4. Here and there in or on
  5. Around; encircling
  6. Halfway around
  7. Just ready; on the point of

Examples of About in a sentence

  1. a book about cats.
  2. about ten dollars.
  3. to wander about.
  4. to move about the room.
  5. to spin about an axis.
  6. a wall about the city.
  7. Turn about
  8. I was about to say that.
  9. He stopped thinking about the jobs.
  10. The island is triangular, about 15 miles long from east to west, and 12 miles from north to south.
  11. Five sixths of the faculty and three fourths of the student body are lay people, who represent every state in the Union and about 70 foreign countries.
  12. Des Moines river, the longest river in Iowa, flowing about 500 miles from northwest to southeast across the state.
  13. You shouldn’t think about going to Paris for holiday. It will cost more than we can afford.
  14. When we arrived the concert, it was about to finish.
  15. There is a wall about the city.
  16. I don’t want to talk about him anymore. I am done with him.
  17. I am looking for a book about mathematics for my school project.
  18. I was about to say that, you interrupted.
  19. I have been thinking about this problem all night long.
  20. She arrived about 9 o’clock.
  21. What about getting married on a beach?
  22. The Des Moines drains about a fourth of the land area of the state (Iowa).
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  24. Steve has met Nicola once but he talks about her as if she were a close friend.
  25. Donald forgot about the mountains.
  26. And each article was about a strange creature.
  27. Donald looked for a chapter about the Ararat.
  28. He found nothing more about the Ararat.
  29. The Professor was a small man, about 40 years old.
  30. On the bookshelf, there were many books about the Ararat.
  31. He asked Donald about his other jobs and about mountaineering.
  32. I will find out more about Professor Pritchett and the Ararat.
  33. The men talked about the Ararat.
  34. The villagers did not want to talk about the Ararat.
  35. Donald was thinking about the Ararat.
  36. Professor Pritchett talked to the travellers about the Ararat.
  37. Afterwards, Alex talked to the travellers and asked them about their journey.
  38. He does not want to know about the weather.
  39. Donald sometimes thought about his jobs in England.
  40. Because he opposed the iconoclasm of Emperor Leo V, the Armenian, he was beaten, imprisoned for two years, and then banished to the island of Samothrace, where he died shortly afterwards, about 818.
  41. The town, established about 1200, has several fine buildings dating from the Middle Ages.

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