Use Abolished in a Sentence – How to use “Abolished” in a sentence


Use Abolished in a sentence. How to use the word Abolished in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abolished.

Use Abolished in a Sentence - How to use "Abolished" in a sentence


Definition of Abolished

To do away with;put and end to; nullify

Examples of Abolished in a sentence

  1. Political parties were abolished, the constitution of 1923 was abrogated, and an interim military government was proclaimed.
  2. This unwanted paper magnet will fill and overflow with monotonous regularity and should be abolished.
  3. The abbreviated sense of beatitude was abolished, and she returned home with a torn affection.
  4. Hungary in particular, whose privileged status had been abolished in 1848, was restive and, it was feared, disloyal.
  5. The doctrine of worthier title is abolished in the Commonwealth as a rule of law and as a rule of construction.
  6. Paul will reveal what he researched about the forgotten history of ‘The Jamaican slaves who abolished slavery’.
  7. Let’s put an end to the delusion that Britain abolished slavery.
  8. Pennsylvania officially abolished slavery in 1780.
  9. We asked readers, Should America’s police departments be abolished?
  10. Inheritance tax is abolished with effect from 1 January 2014.
  11. Hire of goods has been abolished from 1 January 2007.
  12. In April 2020 the relief is abolished.
  13. The rest of the advanced world has moved on and abolished capital punishment.
  14. Then in a single century, slavery was abolished and more than seven million slaves were freed throughout the Western hemisphere.
  15. Doctrine of worthier title abolished.
  16. The doctrine of worthier title is abolished as a rule of law and as a rule of construction.
  17. Examination system should be abolished essay.
  18. Income taxes and property taxes, should they be abolished?
  19. 735.272 Board of trustees of public affairs abolished upon establishment of village administrator position.
  20. It is true that , as already mentioned , France had abolished it eight years earlier.
  21. New Hampshire just abolished the death penalty.
  22. The charitable trust fund should be abolished.
  23. In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the employment tribunal fees regime is unlawful and abolished it with immediate effect.


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