Use Aboard in a Sentence, How to use “Aboard” in a sentence


Use Aboard in a sentence. How to use the word Aboard in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Aboard. Sentence for Aboard.

Use Aboard in a Sentence - How to use "Aboard" in a sentence

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Definition of Aboard

  • 1. On, in, or into a train, ship, etc
  • 2. On, in, or into

Examples of Aboard in a sentence

  1. Get aboard.
  2. We played checkers while aboard the bus.
  3. And aboard each man without boots, there are two.
  4. Now we’ll go aboard the boat.
  5. “Stop,” exclaimed Marco, “stop, boys! you must not go aboard without an order.
  6. I’m coxswain; you must wait till I tell you, before one of you goes aboard.
  7. Just make a bargain with him to let you go aboard his raft for a little while, and to send you ashore whenever you wish to go.
  8. Aboard!” said Marco, in a military tone.
  9. They amused themselves in climbing about the rocks for a time, and then they were ordered aboard again, and sailed on.
  10. With this explanation of the word of command, the boys understood what they were to do, and got aboard the boat as fast as they could.
  11. One of them wished to know where Forester was going with them; but Forester said it was entirely contrary to the discipline aboard a man-of-war for the crew to ask the captain where they were going.
  12. The boys were a little inclined to be afraid to embark, in what appeared to be a rather dangerous navigation, but they had confidence in Forester, and so they readily obeyed when Forester ordered the crew aboard.
  13. “Come, Mr. George, it is time for us to go aboard.”
  14. We will hail them, and they will take us aboard.
  15. “Take us aboard of your boat,” said Antony; “we have got adrift, and have not got any oar.”
  16. To insure its floating with two heavy men aboard, we cut and trimmed out two dry spruces about six inches in diameter and lashed them, one on either side of the canoe and against two smaller crosspieces placed above to keep the stringpieces near the gunwale.


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