Use Abnormal in a Sentence, How to use “Abnormal” in a sentence


Use Abnormal in a sentence. How to use the word Abnormal in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abnormal.

Use Abnormal in a Sentence - How to use "Abnormal" in a sentence


Definition of Abnormal

Not normal or average; unusual; irregular.

Examples of Abnormal in a sentence

  1. Perhaps he was different then; and yet was it possible for such abnormal egoism to develop in the years since her death?
  2. From the formulation of two types of three-dimensional abnormal magnetism, we deduce the result of the indefinite integral transformation and draw a parameter diagram by the parameter equation.
  3. However, it creates second abnormal polar bodies and, therefore, possible aneuploid zygotes.
  4. In 353 women referred for colposcopy due to abnormal cervical smears, the elimination of HR-HPV preceded the regression of cervical lesions by an average of three months.
  5. More importantly, the screen highlights any system or area that experiences abnormal conditions, whether it is a malfunction of the plant or unacceptable levels of the environment.
  6. The disease and its causes Any hernia is a protrusion through an abnormal opening.
  7. The first sign is likely to be an abnormal swelling in the area of the groin.
  8. He showed that arterial blood undergoes little change in carbon dioxide tension and pH in the presence of pathological (abnormal) amounts of an acid or base.
  9. It wasn’t his fault that he lacked red blood in his brain, or that he had formed the habit, from long association with abnormal phenomena, of regarding all life as a disease.
  10. There wasn’t anything unusual or abnormal in that exalted illusion.
  11. I was glad that she admitted the abnormal conditions of Fort Defiance.
  12. Abnormal behavior, on the other hand, while not a mental disorder in itself, is often indicative of mental and psychological disorders.
  13. Abnormality refers to any deviation from the normal, the noun form of the adjective abnormal.
  14. It is not my intention to give a minute and consecutive account of the abnormal state which prevailed in Greece during a period of more than three years.


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