Abjectly in a Sentence


How to use the word Abjectly in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abjectly.

Abjectly in a Sentence

Definition of Abjectly

1. Contemptible; low

2. Hopelessly bad; crushing


Examples of Abjectly in a sentence

*** Both have failed abjectly.

*** We were an abjectly poor family, but we lived in a safe and tree-lined part of Scotland.

*** His condition became so abjectly miserable that even his cousins ​​were ashamed to possess him.

*** Instead, we are now “committed” and abjectly depend on this fascist beast for so many or our essentials and for the support of our currency and our fiscal imprudence.


*** One must submit abjectly to such guidance, and the reward was excellent.

*** He asked abjectly for the good of his son who wept lamentably, but to no avail. They could not persuade the teacher in charge of the class.

*** Distract abjectly, explain to those who suddenly see you in a new light and those of whom you now realize how horrible you were.

*** Under a profound interrogation, the wretch abjectly collapsed and confessed all his misdemeanors.


*** She shrugged her shoulders abjectly.

Abjectly in a Sentence (Video)

*** In a matter of days, Merrill went from indignation to surrender: at its annual meeting in late April, CEO Rugu Savay apologized abjectly to his clients.

*** In recent weeks, Mr. Wagoner has been accused of not having abjectly addressed GM’s problems.

*** In the cold winter night, you went farther and farther, and I was deeply angry and crying abjectly.


*** Selling US national interest, countless other corporations abjectly lobby Moscow in Congress.

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