Use Aberration in a Sentence – How to use “Aberration” in a sentence


Use Aberration in a sentence. How to use the word Aberration in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Aberration. Sentence for Aberration.

Use Aberration in a Sentence - How to use "Aberration" in a sentence
Definition of Aberration

  1. A departure from what is right, correct, or natural.
  2. A mild mental disorder.
  3. The failure of a lens or mirror to bring all light rays to a single focus.

Examples of Aberration in a sentence

  1. In a moment of aberration, he agreed to go with him.
  2. Due to a strange mental aberration, he forgot his own name.
  3. A woman without children was considered an aberration, almost a social marginalization.
  4. Here there is much that is holy, an aberration in the heart of the real.
  5. A popular aberration has a light yellow exterior with striped innards on the towels.
  6. It looks more and more like an aberration in the history of mankind.
  7. And any aberration of this kind includes a nervous disposition towards children.
  8. That last kiss was a mistake, an aberration.
  9. But it is not the only aberration with which history will charge our statesmen and diplomats.
  10. This is dismissed in fashion as a modern sentimental aberration, but that is how I read the figure.
  11. The views expressed by Rice were not an aberration; They were a reflection of the views of the Bush camp.
  12. The aberration, if it occurred, was not recorded, and the female line ranked second.
  13. This year’s losses are an aberration and the company will continue to grow.
  14. Conservatives see it as an aberration that would be catastrophic for Britain’s system of government.
  15. It was very clear that the incident was not just an aberration, it was not just an incident.
  16. Sorry I’m late. I had a mental aberration and I forgot we had a meeting today.
  17. This state of affairs is not, I believe, an aberration, but it is inevitable in the structures of higher education.
  18. He denounced democracy as a psychopathic expression of inferiority and commitment as an aberration that must be eliminated from existence.
  19. He saw the omission as a symptom of a temporary aberration.
  20. Therefore, the outbreak of violence in this area was widely presented as an aberration.


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