Use Abbreviation in a Sentence, How to use “Abbreviation” in a sentence


Use Abbreviation in a sentence. How to use the word Abbreviation in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abbreviation.

Abbreviation in a Sentence
Examples of Abbreviation in a sentence

  1. A common form of abbreviation is the shortening of words: capt., diam., treas.
  2. Looking for a state or US territory’s abbreviation or postal code?
  3. Have you ever wondered what an abbreviation or acronym might stand for?
  4. Be consistent, so that the same symbol or abbreviation always means the same thing.
  5. Use only if abbreviation is conventional, is apt to be familiar, will save considerable space, and will prevent cumbersome repetition.
  6. Saving space using an abbreviation is less important than clarity in writing.
  7. An abbreviation uses the first letter and letters of a word or phrase, and a space saving replacement for the fuller form, as U.S. for United States.
  8. Door after door, each with an unintelligible abbreviation for what was in each room behind it.
  9. The problem of satisfiability of the normal form of the conjunction (abbreviation of the SAT problem) is a complete NP _ problem.
  10. Dish bird: The meaning of OICQ, do I love the Chongqing phonetically abbreviation?
  11. The abbreviation of the period of Yima shows us that the cycles in the Bundehesh do not throughout agree with those of the Avesta.
  12. In the traditional numbers at least in one reign there has been abbreviation, not extension, as in the previous period.
  13. From Uzziah’s accession up to the accession of Athaliah, the Books of Kings give 75 years; the interval between 843 and 792 gives us 51 years; so that there must have been an abbreviation.
  14. If we accept this abbreviation Candaules was still on the throne in the year 696 B.C. Gyges ascended the throne after Midas and Candaules in the year 689 B.C.
  15. Here, therefore, there is an abbreviation of the reign of Omri and Ahab by at least 10 years.

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