Use Abbey in a Sentence – How to use “Abbey” in a sentence


Use Abbey in a sentence. How to use the word Abbey in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abbey.

Use Abbeys in a Sentence - How to use "Abbeys" in a sentence

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Definition of Abbey

  • 1. A community of monks or nuns ruled by an abbot or an abbess; monastery or convent.
  • 2. A church or building connected with a monastery or convent.

Examples of Abbey in a sentence

  1. Unlike many similar discounts that emerged after Abbey National had made its move, this is for an indefinite period.
  2. One of the most interesting extramural buildings was discovered in the Birch Abbey excavations.
  3. The island looks bigger until we see its famous monument, the Abbey, gray, formidable, nothing picturesque.
  4. Edward built 12 memorial crosses—the “Eleanor Crosses” —to mark the places where her body rested on its way to Westminster Abbey.
  5. They proceeded in this manner, attended and followed by a great cavalcade of nobles and soldiery, to Westminster Abbey, where Mary took her seat with great formality upon her father’s throne.
  6. He went to Rheims, a town northeast of Paris, where is an abbey, which is the ancient place of coronation for the kings of France.
  7. Her body was carried home to France, and interred in the royal abbey at Rheims.
  8. Mary was received into an abbey called Dundrennan, not far from the English frontier.
  9. In the midst of this border country is the ancient town of Melrose, where there was, in former days, a very rich and magnificent abbey, the ruins of which, to this day, form one of the most attractive objects of interest in the whole island of Great Britain.
  10. Dundrennan Abbey, to which Mary had retreated, was near the town of Kirkcudbright, which is, of course, on the northern side of the Frith; it is also near the sea.
  11. She wished to have it taken to France to be interred, as she had requested of Elizabeth, either at Rheims, in the same tomb with the body of her mother, or else at St. Denis, an ancient abbey a little north of Paris, where the ashes of a long line of French monarchs repose.


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