Use Abatement in a Sentence, How to use “Abatement” in a sentence


Use Abatement in a sentence. How to use the word Abatement in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abatement.

Abatement in a Sentence
Definition of Abatement

  • To make or become less, as in value, force, or intensity

Examples of Abatement in a sentence

  • Mastering the self-abatement. The other place comes to the bastard here.
  • An abatement is a reduction in your property taxes.
  • He thought at first that Mr. George was going to ask for some abatement on account of a portion of the party being young.
  • Abatement is the correction of the safety or health hazard/violation that led to an OSHA citation.
  • Abatement is a reduction in, or an exemption of, the level of taxation faced by an individual or company.
  • In medicine there may be abatement of pain or any other symptom or sign.
  • It is very plain that softening thus the hardship for the child of any act of obedience required of him by giving him a little time implies no abatement of the authority of the parent, nor does it detract at all from the implicitness of the obedience on the part of the child.
  • The abatement process is used to correct taxes that have been levied erroneously or illegally due to erroneous valuation for assessment, irregularity in levying, …
  • In medicine there may be abatement of pain or any other symptom or sign.
  • ARC is one of the top asbestos abatement contractors in U.S. Offices in Texas, Colorado, Louisiana & Florida.
  • A five-year 100 percent property tax abatement for the rehabilitation of an existing structure.
  • In addition, the GAP assists owners and tenants of private property with the abatement of graffiti and provision of abatement supplies.
  • Information about the process to request abatement of a nonprofit corporation’s pending FTB administrative dissolution or surrender.
  • Abatement of non-educational portion of sales and use taxes on construction materials, equipment, and other capitalized costs.


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