Use Abandoned in a Sentence – How to use “Abandoned” in a sentence


Use Abandoned in a sentence. How to use the word Abandoned in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abandoned. Sentence for Abandoned.

Use Abandoned in a Sentence - How to use "Abandoned" in a sentence

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Definition of Abandoned

  • 1. Deserted; left behind; forsaken.
  • 2. Evil; shameless.

Examples of Abandoned in a sentence

  1. an abandoned rascal.
  2. Property that has never belonged to anyone or that has been abandoned may be acquired by occupancy or by finding.
  3. Is he so abandoned as he feel no shame at such an accusation?
  4. There was an abandoned house near our school and we used to go there to play horror games.
  5. Sisters were found in an abandoned taxi.
  6. after three hours of intermittent rain, the game was abandoned.
  7. Although they can dig their own burrows, they commonly occupy abandoned burrows of aardvarks
  8. Every year thousands of unwanted animals are abandoned.
  9. The control of the production facilities was abandoned by the main American companies, coinciding with the change of the majority of footwear and clothing production to authoritarian countries.
  10. His plans for marriage were twice abandoned, once because he felt himself to be emotionally and physically inadequate, and the second time because he had fallen victim to tuberculosis, to which he succumbed, after prolonged suffering, at the age of 40.a
  11. We have abandoned that slowness because of the prestige of acceleration.
  12. Chatterji began to write poetry but soon abandoned it for prose.
  13. And, accordingly, where such a plan has been adopted, it has, I believe, in every instance, been ultimately abandoned.
  14. It is considered here that each young lady is responsible not only for the appearance of the carpet _under her desk_, but also for _the aisle opposite to it_, so that her first ground of defense must be abandoned.
  15. The camp of the Greeks was gradually broken up, and at last entirely abandoned.
  16. He immediately prepared to obey the injunctions which had been thus divinely communicated to him, and in a short time the half-built city was abandoned, and the expedition once more embarked on board the fleet and proceeded to sea.


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