Use Abalone in a Sentence, How to use “Abalone” in a sentence


Use Abalone in a sentence. How to use the word Abalone in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abalone.

Use Abalone in a Sentence - How to use "Abalone" in a sentence


Definition of Abalone

  • An edible shellfish having a flat shell lined with mother-of-pearl.

Examples of Abalone in a sentence

  1. The men use diving equipment to dive in search of abalone.
  2. Abalone is considered a delicacy in many fish restaurants.
  3. Squab was ordered but extra portions of abalone wrapped in Tientsin cabbage appeared.
  4. Scattered in various corners, pieces of abalone shells, clearly worked by human hands, await to be found.
  5. There is a daily limit of three red abalone with an annual limit of 24.
  6. Ideal stewed beef – braised skirt or abalone.
  7. It enjoys a great reputation for its famous specialties of abalone and shark fin.
  8. From corvina to abalone, clams to prawns, Chile serves a sumptuous sea feast.
  9. Abalone, a type of edible and expensive ingredient of Chinese cuisine.
  10. All wounds and bacteria are presented by shellfish body tissue, including many familiar types of products such as crab, oyster, abalone, squid, equine, starfish, etc.
  11. Illustration: contains rich proteins, carbohydrates, various vitamins and aminophenol, and is also called “maigre abalone”.
  12. As one of the largest producers of abalone in the world, Oceanus will guarantee the large quantity of fresh abalone for restaurants.
  13. Specialties: chicken legs with abalone juice, copfish with brown sauce, French-style goose liver, bean curd.
  14. It can be used for the tiger, the leopard cat, the shrimp, the abalone and the feeding of several fish.
  15. Malone is alone, eating only long abalone.
  16. A free bottle of Great Wall red wine with any order of abalone.
  17. Until a few years ago, Kin Cheong Lung further expands its business to the retail sale of all kinds of marine products, including shark fin, bird’s nest, fish jaw, abalone, scallops, sea cucumber, etc.
  18. Dress of the queen Jamilla and shell of abalone shell.
  19. Yeasts usually do not make any of those reactions by themselves, so Belcher and his students had to design them to express the genes found in organisms like abalone.

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