Use Aardwolf in a Sentence, How to use “Aardwolf” in a sentence


Use Aardwolf in a sentence. How to use the word Aardwolf in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Aardwolf.

use Aardwolf in a sentence


Definition of Aardwolf

A hyenalike mammal of the African plains that feeds on insects and small animals.

Examples of Aardwolf in a sentence

  1. Those who have a medium-sized dinosaur body are instead the muscles that aardwolf.
  2. And the opposite face is to put and compete, from the native people build “aardwolf” people can always find the way.
  3. The aardwolf lives on dry and open plains and thickets, avoiding mountainous areas.
  4. The aardwolf is the only surviving species of the subfamily Protelinae.
  5. The aardwolf hides in a burrow during the day and goes out at night to look for food.
  6. The aardwolf lives in the bushes of eastern and southern Africa.
  7. However, in some areas, the aardwolf is wanted for its fur.
  8. A aardwolf can eat 300,000 Trinervitermes in a single exit.
  9. The aardwolf looks something like a very small striped hyena.
  10. In contrast, intact genes of sweet receptors were found in aardwolf, Canadian otter, spectacled bear, raccoon and red wolf.
  11. Many mirmecófagos mammals, like the aard wolf, the anteaters and the pangolin, do not have teeth or, in cases like the aardwolf, they have great diastemas between their scanty teeth.
  12. On the contrary, the normal sweet receptors were found in the carnivorous aardwolf, the Canadian otter, the spectacled bear, the raccoon and the red wolf.
  13. The aardwolf is mainly an insectivore, specialized in feeding on termites of the genus Trinervitermes and Hodotermes, which consumes licking it with its long and wide tongue.
  14. The aardwolf Proteles cristatus has developed a number of anatomical and morphological adaptations for feeding on its termite prey.
  15. The aardwolf (Proteles cristata) is a unique, insectivorous species of the family Hyaenidae.
  16. Within the sub-region savannah plains of Eastern and Southern Africa lies the aardwolf, a part of the 4 species hyaena clade


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