Tips For Organizing a New Year’s Eve Party With a Low Budget


How to organize a New Year’s Eve party with a reduced budget? Ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve to the maximum and keep expenses to a minimum.

Tips For Organizing a New Year's Eve Party With a Low Budget

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  • Since the celebrations start late, the guests will not wait for a full dinner at the table and that allows adjusting the food budget.
  • Prepare five or six types of Christmas canapés so that the guests can nibble a couple of them each.
  • Avoid imported foods, which are more expensive, in favor of local products.
  • The best way to be prepared to serve a guest with more hunger is to fill the refrigerator, freezer and pantry reserve supplies.
  • To avoid throwing away food and money you have to buy non-perishable food or food that can be used after the party in case there is a surplus
  • In the fridge have extra vegetables to prepare a source of raw vegetables washed and cut (if left over they can be used later in salads or vegetable creams).
  • Buy cured and semi-cured cheeses, sauces and base ingredients, such as sour cream, mustard and mayonnaise to dip the crudités, dips.
  • Have a prepared dough in the fridge for last minute needs. If necessary, it can be combined with chopped herbs and Parmesan cheese au gratin in a moment, make rolls and put them in the oven – it will take only about 15 minutes to make them. If the dough is not used, it can be frozen for another occasion
  • In the pantry store nuts, olives, chips and other tasty snacks that do not spoil if they are not used.

Presentation of the food

A good presentation will make the food look better and more palatable. Combine different heights, textures and surfaces to add visual interest and counteract the “flat” effect of the buffet table, where everything is at the same height. You can decorate the table with confetti (watch out before putting the plates of food) which is very cheap and gives a touch of joy.

Tips For Organizing a New Year's Eve Party With a Low Budget

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Drink at the New Year’s Eve party

To keep the cost of the drinks under control, avoid putting on the bar so as not to end up with a lot of bottles of alcoholic beverages and expensive liquors that probably will never be used in the future. Instead, serve a welcome cocktail, punch or sangria, in addition to wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages.

A little bit of planning and arithmetic helps to fit the budget, since it avoids buying more. An approximate calculation is that the guests take an average of two drinks during the first hour and one each hour during the following ones. A bottle of wine gives for five drinks; a bottle of champagne, six; and a liter bottle of alcohol comes out about 22 combined.

Tips For Organizing a New Year's Eve Party With a Low Budget

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Decoration for New Year’s Eve party

Choose a color when planning the theme of the party and decoration, trying to be dark red, green bottle or yellow poppy, so that it is easier and cheaper to acquire candles, flowers and other decorative elements in bulk.


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Use things that you already have at home (we can find all kinds of decorations around us); and even the following elements of the home can be converted into improvised decorations:

A chandelier: can be used as a Christmas centerpiece
A nice litter bin: you can cover a trash can with cotton cloth that is not used and use it to store baguettes.
A wooden box: place it on its side and put canapés on it.
A magnificent plant: it can be put on the table.
A garden statue: can be placed on or next to the table with the buffet
Bright candle holders: spray the candle holders with small candles with adhesive spray, and then wrap them in glitter. For a greater visual impact, apply the same adhesive spray on a few large fish tanks and sprinkle glitter over it. Fill the fish tanks with floating candles and use them as centerpieces in the food and drink areas.
Candlelight is an easy and inexpensive way to instantly create atmosphere. Choose a color and buy the candles in bulk, then group a few in several places distributed around the party space to achieve a more spectacular effect.

Tips For Organizing a New Year's Eve Party With a Low Budget

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The environment

One week before the party you have to prepare the soundtrack for the night according to the tastes and ages of your guests. The easiest and most economical way to play music during the party is to pre-create a playlist. This also allows to cater to all the present tastes.

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