The Many Meanings of “Sit”: Definition, Usage, and Examples


Learn about the versatile verb “sit,” its definitions, and how it is used in English. Find examples of how to use “sit” in a sentence and improve your English language skills.

Sit - Sentence for Sit - Use Sit in a Sentence Examples

Definition of Sit

The verb “sit” has several meanings depending on the context. Here are some common definitions:

  1. To rest on one’s buttocks or haunches, as on a chair or bench.
  2. To be located or positioned in a particular place or position.
  3. To be in a particular state or condition, especially one that is temporary or waiting for something else to happen.
  4. To hold a position as a member of a committee, board, or other official group.
  5. To attend as a guest, spectator, or participant.
  6. To pose for a portrait, photograph, or painting.
  7. To brood or worry about something, as in “I’ve been sitting on this problem for days.”

There are many other possible meanings depending on the context, but these are some of the most common definitions of the verb “sit.”

How is “Sit” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Sit”?

The verb “sit” is used in English in a variety of ways, depending on the context. Here are some common rules of use:

  1. Use “sit” to describe the action of resting on one’s buttocks or haunches, as in “I’m going to sit down and rest for a while.”
  2. Use “sit” to describe the location or position of something or someone, as in “The park sits on the edge of town.”
  3. Use “sit” to describe a temporary state or condition, as in “I’m sitting here waiting for the doctor to call me in.”
  4. Use “sit” to describe holding a position on a committee or board, as in “She sits on the board of directors for the company.”
  5. Use “sit” to describe attending an event as a guest or participant, as in “We’re going to sit in on the meeting and observe.”
  6. Use “sit” to describe posing for a portrait or photograph, as in “She sat for a portrait by the famous artist.”

The rules of use for “sit” are fairly straightforward, but as with any verb, the meaning and context can change depending on how it is used.

How to use the word Sit in a sentence?

Here are some examples of how to use the word “sit” in a sentence:

  1. I like to sit outside and enjoy my morning coffee.
  2. The hotel sits on a hill overlooking the ocean.
  3. Can you sit still for just a few minutes?
  4. She sits on the board of directors for several nonprofit organizations.
  5. We’re going to sit in on the lecture and take notes.
  6. The artist asked me to sit for a portrait in his studio.
  7. I’ve been sitting here for hours waiting for my flight.
  8. My grandmother loves to sit in her rocking chair and knit.
  9. The restaurant sits in the heart of the city’s downtown area.
  10. He sat quietly and listened to the music, lost in thought.

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