The Gypsy Bride by Carmen Mola Book Summary, Review and Characters


The book summary of The Gypsy Bride written by Carmen Mola. The review, detailed summary and characters of The Gypsy Bride.

gypsy bride

The Gypsy Bride

The novel The Gypsy Bride by Carmen Mola begins with the celebration of Susana Macaya’s bachelorette party. She is a young woman whose father is a gypsy and her mother is of Paya descent. Her friends planned the event at the Very Bad Boys venue, located On Orense street, there is not a single man in the place, only girls celebrating bachelorette parties with their friends.

When it is Susana’s turn, it is her turn to dance with two dancers, one a Viking style and the other a mulatto of Cuban origin, however, the dancers were respectful of Susana’s request, they only danced with her, without going overboard.

Once the party at the nightclub is over, Susana Macaya disappears on her way home, none of her friends and acquaintances know of her whereabouts, they have not seen or heard her, later, her body was found, with signs of having suffered from torture and the most terrible of deaths.


The investigation is in charge of the BAC police force and is led by inspector Elena Blanco. When they start their investigations, the police team links the case of Susana’s murder with another that occurred seven years ago and this relationship is presented since the circumstances of both deaths are practically the same.

The case that happened in the past is Lara Macaya, who was Susana’s older sister, for this case Miguel Vistas was held responsible for the events, he was a worker for the Macaya family and is in jail serving his sentence for this crime. Faced with this situation, the Case Analysis Brigade enters into doubt and wonders if Miguel Vistas was the real murderer of Lara, or if the real murderer is still on the loose and has murdered an innocent young woman again.

Elena will work with the sub-inspector Ángel Zárate, this is a police officer with little experience, whose mentor was Salvador Santos, Ángel Zárate, wants this case to catapult him and be able to enter as a member of the Case Analysis Brigade. The police team initiates the corresponding investigations and they undertake the investigations, Elena Blanco gives instructions to Orduño and Chesca, who belong to the Homicide and Disappearance Brigade, she also proceeds with Buendía, the forensic specialist, and Mariajo, the computer expert.

Once in the autopsy room, Elena asks Buendía if she has found any clues related to the gypsy, they call her that because they still don’t know her name. Through the investigations, the body has been identified, it is Susana Macaya, 23 years old, she is informed that a similar case occurred 7 years ago, the deceased at that time was Lara Macaya, Susana’s sister and was also in prior to their marriage.

Faced with such a situation, Elena Blanco is convinced that this is her case and that she will put the murderer under pressure, she says to herself: “Two dead sisters, about to get married”, before this scenario she understood why they called the Case Analysis Brigade.

While the investigators carry out their fieldwork, Ángel Zárate was also at the scene. His colleagues do not want to work with him, so they suggest that he leave the investigation site and stand aside. The data produced by the investigations are transferred to the Offices of the Case Analysis Brigade, once in the meeting room, they begin to report the findings, the first to speak is Elena Blanco who reports on the data related to the gypsy bride. In the place where Susana was found, some shoe prints were found, they are men’s, size 45 and it is possible that they belong to the murderer, this evidence has been sent for analysis.

Meanwhile, a reference is made to the situation of prisoner Miguel Vistas and his relationship with his fellow prisoners, among whom is one named Carlos, who has a nickname from Caracas, since he was caught with a suitcase of drugs in Caracas Airport.


Susana’s parents are already in the police station; Ángel Zárate is in charge of giving them the news. Moisés the Father is devastated, Sonia the mother is a little calmer, Inspector Blanco promises them that they will do everything possible to find the murderer of her daughter.

Moisés comments that it was easy to educate his daughters, especially because they want them to be free, make their own decisions and make their own mistakes, he comments that he was wrong and that he should have educated them like the women of their race.

Sonia the mother asks if her daughter suffered in the murder, since Lara’s death was cruel, in which Moisés comments “that bastard who killed Lara is still in jail, I hope he never gets out of there”. Therefore, Inspector Blanco reflects and thinks that she should handle the information very carefully, since both crimes are similar, which could be a reissue of the murder of her sister.

The investigators go to several nightclubs, in search of information, so they arrive at the Very Bad Boys club, there they spoke with Bruno the Cuban dancer and he informs them that he remembers the girl with gypsy features, he tells her that she was shy and that I was there unhappy.

The next day Susana’s friends, those who were with her at the Very Bad Boys, show up at the headquarters of the Case Analysis Brigade, there they explain how they met, what their interests were, how they planned the bachelorette party and how they took a taxi and left Susana near her house.

The policemen, Chesca and Orduño, proceed to visit the boyfriend Raúl, his apartment has a lot of quality, it is located at the back of the Prado Museum, an exquisite area of ​​Madrid, they identify themselves as Policemen, Raúl is surprised and although he does not wanted to attend, they inform them that they are there to talk about his girlfriend Susana Macaya.

In the luxurious apartment there were traces of drugs, for which the policemen invite him to keep the substances, they ask him if he knows about his girlfriend and he tells her that the last time they spoke was on Friday before going to his bachelorette party. single, they inform him that they have found the body of his girlfriend, so Raúl is surprised and tells them that he did not murder her and makes the clarification because he says that the boyfriend is always the first suspect.

He asks if they are going to take him into custody, the police tell him no, that they just want to talk about Susana. They invite him to the police station and take his computer so that Mariajo can analyze the information.

The next day the research team meets in a meeting, in order to discuss the findings. The first to speak is Buendía, who has the autopsy reports and reports that the modus operandi of the two sisters is the same, which means that the murderer is the same person.

He reiterates that the manner of death was terrible and shows through a projector a photo of a worm, Cochliomyia hominivorax, a fly that, in its larval condition, feeds on living tissue, both from cattle and from human beings, and reports that this larva was present in both sisters.

Buendía shows another photo, in which the victim’s skull is observed, which is filled with a hundred worms, which have eaten the brain mass and that the eggs were introduced through perforations made with an electric lathe. dentists.


The next action of the group was to interview Raúl, who had been in the delegation since the previous day. Raúl is upset with the situation and Inspector Blanco informs him that he is not detained and that if he wants he can go, however, if he leaves it would be a suspicious act, little by little Raúl begins to talk about how his relationship with Susana was.

Mariajo, they have been able to enter Raúl’s computer, in which they find some photos of Susana and her partner Cintia, both naked and in revealing attitudes, the photos were taken from a distance, possibly with a camera with a telephoto lens. Inspector Elena Blanco sends for Cintia, although they believe that she was not the author of the murder because of the shoe prints found, it could be that she has sent her to kill Susana out of jealousy of her.

Once Cintia arrives at the delegation, she feels embarrassed by the subject of the photos, she defends herself by indicating that she did not kill her, she admits that she had a relationship with Susana and informs that the couple did not love each other that they were only going to get married for convenience, Raúl liked that relationship since Susana’s father was a very wealthy man, although he didn’t seem like it. Faced with this situation, there were three suspects, one who was in prison, the boyfriend who wanted Susana to be alive and the lesbian lover who does not seem to be the murderer.

In that they are interviewing Raúl again, he tells them that he has nothing to do with the death of his girlfriend and that the photos came by email and their sender is a certain Mr. X, and he suspects that this Mr. X , is Moses the father of Susana.

Raúl considers that Moisés is a tolerant father who allowed his daughters a life different from that of the gypsies, but because he was a gypsy he would not accept a lesbian daughter, Raúl indicates that Moisés suspected his daughter and told her that the She would be admitted to a hospital, Moisés asked Raúl not to marry his daughter, since he wanted her to marry a gypsy, Raúl did not accept because he needed the money.

The investigations carried out turn against Moisés, he is related to his cousin El Capi, who belongs to the Clan del Sordo, they do not hesitate to kill those who betray them. Faced with such a situation, they ask Cintia for help and ask her why her marriage to Raúl, she tells them what Susana really wanted.

In the meantime they managed to access all the information on the computer, there they found photos of Susana in the same position in which they found her sister Lara when she was murdered, everything suggests that she wanted to be dead like her sister .

Forensic studies indicate that the traces of elements found under Susana’s fingernails belong to a DNA sample and correspond to her father Moisés Macaya. Everyone was speechless, Chesca asks Inspector Blanco if they proceed to arrest him.

The investigations have ended and it is time to deliver the body to his relatives, Blanco feels sorry for Sonia, the mother of the two victims, Blanco tells her that they have tried to communicate with Moisés and have not been able to locate him, to which Sonia replies that She has also not been able to locate her husband.

Before removing the body, Inspector Blanco informs Sonia that they have a video where Moisés is leaving the night of the crime, Sonia denies it and tells them that she was with him, but then hesitates and says that she is not sure. The inspector tells her that she got into a white van, to which Sonia replies that it could be her cousin’s, Capi’s, Elena Blanco informs her that they found traces of Moises’s DNA on Susana’s body.

Sonia claims her daughter’s body, while Blanco asks her to speak with Moisés, to which Sonia tells her that Moisés could not kill her daughters.


In prison, an inmate stabs Miguel Vistas with an awl, he is in a serious situation, the aggressor attacked him in a blind spot in his cell, so they cannot identify him, the man who carried out the action is linked to the Deaf Clan.

Susana’s body is already in the funeral home, Moisés hasn’t shown up, Sonia doesn’t want to bury Susana until her husband shows up, she still can’t believe that he is involved in that situation. In the early hours of the morning, while Sonia was at her house, Moisés entered in a drunken state. Sonia asks where he was and if she had gone out the night of her daughter’s death, she also tells him that the police found his DNA on her daughter’s fingernails.

Moisés explains that that afternoon he argued with her daughter and she scratched his arm, while he counts, the police knock on the door to arrest him and he runs away. Moisés is hiding in a furniture store, the police are there, the police don’t know whether to stop him, so they call Inspector Blanco and she gives them the order to wait for her to arrive, now Inspector Blanco, suspects that it was not he who murdered his daughter.

Once at the White site he calls Moisés, but he does not answer him, he is hidden between the columns, playing with his automatic knife, he explains to the inspector, that that day he argued with his daughter and that there is no evidence to incriminate him , Blanco invites him to the police station, to make a statement, in that Moisés, takes the knife and cuts his neck drowning in his own blood, although the police did everything possible to save him, Moisés died.

Sonia is now with the two dead, at the wake, the priest says her prayer and the workers lower the two coffins.

The team of investigators continues with the investigations that lead to the clarification of the murder of Susana, within the personal elements of Miguel Vistas, there are some photos and a letter, possibly, Camilo Cardona, a cellmate of Miguel, wanted to carry out the crime. , under the same parameters that happened with Lara.

While Miguel Vistas prepares for his departure, he is very anxious, he says goodbye to his only friend in Caracas, at a quarter to 12 at night, he receives the exit order signed by the judge. Elena finds the whereabouts of Camilo Cardona and visits him in his apartment, he opens the door with distrust and explains everything about his religion and that it is based on the symbol of the snake, he tells her that he learned this in prison and that it was his cellmate Miguel Vistas who introduced him to him and constantly spoke to him about the religion of Mithraism and its symbols.

Once the meeting with Camilo is over, Elena tells Mariajo that she wants him to investigate a religion called Mithraism and about the symbol of the snake, she also tells him that she thinks they have released a murderer, referring to Miguel Vistas.

In the investigation on Mithraism, they find out about its entire philosophy and it was agreed that Miguel Vistas’ lawyer, Jáuregui, had a book with a drawing related to Mithraism, they visited him at his house and he had all the implements for incubation of the worms.

So Elena orders him to be arrested, but Jauregui had already turned himself in at the police station indicating that he was the murderer of the Macaya sisters.


The characters that intervene in the novel The Gypsy Bride by Carmen Mola are varied, then we are going to present some of these figures:

Angel Zarate

Ángel Zárate, is a subordinate of the inspector Elena Blanco, he is very insistent in the investigation processes and is characterized by being very loyal to the police force.

Elena White

Elena Blanco, in the novel The Gypsy Bride by Carmen Mola, is represented by a police inspector who is in charge of the Case Analysis Brigade – BAC, she is considered the best at her job, she is efficient, determined and solves almost all his cases in a very professional manner, however, a traumatic event happened to him and he has not been able to overcome it, and a dark facet emerges, which is related to his personal sphere. Karaoke, grappa liquor and sexual activity with strangers are her tools to survive when she is not carrying out her police investigative activities.

Susana Macaya

Susana Macaya, is a cultured young woman, whose father is a gypsy and her mother is a paya from the Spanish lands of Catalonia, who was murdered in an atrocious manner, the day of her bachelorette party.

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